Building a promising tomorrow for young learners.

Adventist Christian Academy is located in the beautiful city of New Port Richey, Florida. Our educational programs are designed to meet the needs of every learner. Through a Bible-based approach in learning, we ensure that every learner is actively engaged in meaningful learning experiences that provide them with limitless opportunities to maximize their potentials. We can help learners improve their critical thinking abilities, creativity, communication skills, and many more by promoting engaging experiences that allow them to apply their learning and skills.


Adventist Christian Academy leads and supports the learning community by providing meaningful educational experiences to every child. We enable learners to reach and expand their potentials; hence, preparing them to become productive members of the community.


Adventist Christian Academy aims to develop learners who love God, love others, and engage in Christian service in their community.

15:1 – Student to Teacher Ratio

Promoting a more conducive environment for learning.

To enable a meaningful learning experience, a conducive environment is necessary for a successful learning process. A smaller class ratio can make way for a better and more in-depth learning experience. This creates more opportunities for your child to engage in discussions or activities while the teachers and faculty are also able to closely monitor their growth process and learning needs. Moreover, with better involvement in the classroom, children are more likely to achieve better academic performance.

VPK-8 Program

Fostering well-rounded learners.

Our learning programs are guided by the academic standards developed by the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventist. We recognize the importance of early childhood education as a springboard in their continual growth process. Hence, we promote and encourage a meaningful learning experience for young learners. The lessons they learn and the skills they acquire today are essential in the formation of their character and growth in the years onward. A well-designed educational program is pertinent in meeting their learning needs as well as their spiritual, physical, intellectual, social, and emotional development.

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